Tamps FL News Sources Point To These Top Weekend Headlines

Let’s get to the news headlines for Tampa FL and also the greater Tampa Bay area. It’s time to see what breaking news is brewing. There is a diver that has tragically passed away after going for a dive at Eagles Nest Cave. The diver was from Dover. It has been reported that this particular diving area has been a place where 11 divers have died over the course of almost four decades, since 1981.

This next story comes out of the panhandle, but it is a big story that has been reported in the national news as well. It is still a hot topic in Tampa because it involves the rescue of over 1,000 sea turtles. That’s a lot of sea turtles and a huge effort to save them. You see, it was the cold weather that stunned them, and they needed help.

While the government shutdown is a national news story, it has affected Florida citizens on a more personal level as well. You see, some of the parks in Florida have been shut down because of the government shutdown. Doesn’t it seem like we hear more and more about that kind of thing these days? And doesn’t it seem like the government for some reason likes to shut down too much?

Now this next news story is out of Tampa, but it went viral on a national level. It was about a man who got a DUI after going through the bank drive thru. You see, that’s just part of the story. The man thought he was at a Taco Bell. It was a big story that was all over social media. Well, those are your Tampa headlines, and now it’s time to enjoy the rest of your weekend. There are going to be plenty more news stories to catch up on when the new week starts.